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May 28, 2012 8:00 AM


By B. N. Reporter


Despite “the” free render farm service built into latest versions or Blender, public popularity for commercial render farm service is apparently growing. Last week, a new render farm service name “RenderFlow” ( made it into the market, announcing its GPU render service for Cycles.


Thus, it has joined the ranks of three other Blender-related major render farms that support Cycles, namely, BlenderRenders, GreenButton, and ResPower.


How good will RenderFlow be, compared to its pre-existing market competitors? According to its demo page, a single frame of Agustin Benavidez’s famous island scene took just 27 seconds to render, costing just 00.21 EUROs. B.N. reporter, however, has noticed that it didn’t include uploading and waiting time, which can take up to several hours or so.


So, Will RenderFlow excel BlenderRenders that has accumulated its expertise on Cycles renders? Will it serve the needs or urgent studios better than GreenButton which provide on-demand focused service for its clients? Will it beat the pricing advantage of ResPower which provides ultra-economic subscription service?


Well, time will tell. No matter how it turns out, it’s good to have another competent render farm service that is ready to serve the needs of Blender users and studios.


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