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April 30, 2012 8:00 AM

by Editor in Chief

Last week, had a hard time selecting the winner for the Render of the Week Award, due to a notable influx of fantastic images uploaded by various talented artists. It was noted that it's not fair to pick just one render during a specified week and disqualify all others just because they weren't uploaded during that week. Accordingly, it was decided that top-notch works that were published prior to that week should also be given the chance to be nominated.

That means, even if a render was not given the award for a week, it is still eligible for the nomination later. Latest renders, though, will be given priority when selecting the winner. And please remember that this award is reserved only for those that are on par with or that excel top notch works published by artists and studios.  If such work does not exist during a given week, this award will not be given to anyone.

How, then, can you qualify for this award? Please submit your latest work to or to the Member's Gallery of this site, or Contact Us to show where your work is available on the internet. It doesn't have to be a Blender render, internal or Cycles. A Vray render or any other render is fine as long as Blender was used as a part of your workflow. 

Thus, it is with great pleasure that introduces to you the winner of the Render of the Week Award for the week of April 30, 2012: Kent Trammell

Title:  "SSS Study"

Genre: Character Modelling

Final Image:






Artist's Comment:

About Me:

I'm currently employed as a modeler at Reel FX Creative Studios.  CG has been a passionate hobby since high school, influencing me to enroll at Full Sail University.  I graduated and entered the industry married to Maya, but couldn't convince myself to purchase the software for freelance use.  That's when I discovered Blender.  Since then I've completely transitioned (and improved) my workflow to be used in the open source package.  Now I use it full time at the studio and baffle my maya-centric coworkers!

About "SSS Study:"

Photo-realistic CG characters have always been an intriguing challenge for me and with that of course comes sub-surface scatter shading.  I believe Blender Internal is more capable than it's given credit for - including its SSS feature.  Inspired by Ben Simonds' 3-Layer method, I decided to develop and "tutorialize" a multi-layer SSS node system so I could achieve similar effects made standard by render engines like Mental Ray and Vray.  Sculpting detail exists in a multi-resolution modifier, eliminating the need to bake out displacement.  Textures were painted with re-projection and Photoshop.  The hair is composed of 4 particle-hair systems; beard, eyelashes, eyebrows, and scalp.  Each one has textures controlling density, length, and a blend (ramp) controlling the strand opacity.  I used Cycles for rendering the clothes and skin reflection (specular).

Ben Simonds' Method:

Related Links:




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