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May 14, 2012 8:00 AM

by Editor in Chief

It has been an amazing week for Blender artists due to the appearance of a few top-notch renders made in Blender waiting in line for the Render of the Week Award.  The case of this week's winner in point seems to indicate that once you have mastered the principles behind CGI in any other 3D application, you can easily create top-notch works with Blender.

So, how can you qualify for this award? Please remember that this award is reserved only for those that are on par with or that excel top notch works published by artists and studios. If such work doesn't seem to appear during a specified week, this award will not be given to anyone. So please submit your best work to or to the Member's Gallery of this site, or Contact Us to show where your work is available on the internet. It doesn't have to be a Blender render, internal or Cycles. A Vray render or any other render is fine as long as Blender was used as a part of your workflow. 

Thus, it is with great pleasure that introduces to you the winner of the Render of the Week Award for the week of May 14, 2012: Olivier Boscournu.

Title:  "Bidirectional Interior with Yafaray"

Genre: Architectural Visualization

Final Image: Bidirectional Interior 1.jpg

Geometry & Settings:




Artist's Comment:

About Me:

During my studies in fine arts, I needed a 3D software package to illustrate my projects in product design. I was advised to use 3DMax long time ago, but I started with Eovia's softwares ( today's DAZ, with Carrara3, Hexagon, ...). Gradually, I got interested in Blender and Yafaray, seduced by their power and the freedom associated with them. For the last 4 years, I have used those amazing softwares for architectural visualization, product design and real-time 3D visualization as a freelance artist. I am also a professor of art, and I hope to teach Blender in the school where I work sometime in the near future.

About "Bidirectional Interior with Yafaray:"

At first, this image was a test to try the "Bidirectional Pathtracing" method with Yafaray. The first results so convinced me that I decided to finish it. During my free time, I added details, worked on textures, ... to obtain a realistic image without post production. The raw rendering was satisfactory. But I couldn't resist using the composite nodes and different rendering passes with the internal engine, to improve the mood of the image  The blanket on the chair was made with a subdivided plane and the Cloth Modifier. I used a free .obj mesh from Bertrand Benoit that I duplicated ( ALT + D) to create the carpet.

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