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Bucharest, Romania. April 26 2013. RenderStreet (, a Romanian render farm headquartered in Bucharest, acquires BlenderRenders, one of the first farms on the market exclusively dedicated to Blender users, established in 2010 in Boston, USA. The acquisition furthers the strategic expansion of RenderStreet and its commitment to provide this market with better value-added services. By incorporating BlenderRenders, Render Street now offers rendering services to a portfolio of more than 800 customers worldwide.  

“The team at RenderStreet will be continuing our services and I have every reason to believe that they are going to do a fantastic job”, said Aaron Kammerer, former owner of BlenderRenders. “They launched a few months ago and are already offering GPU rendering to really speed up your render times. Their services are Blender-centric, their site is really straightforward to use, and they are supporting the latest versions of Blender.” completed Kammerer.

“We are excited about welcoming the BlenderRenders users to the Render Street family”, said Marius Iatan, CEO of RenderStreet. “As a young company that was just launched, we see this acquisition as an important step forward in driving recognition for our business in the marketplace. RenderStreet is an easy to use and affordable render farm for 3D projects and we are very proud of our excellent customer support. Using our services, the customers can increase their rendering speed a hundred times or more for larger animations.added Iatan.

In 2013 RenderStreet plans to expand its services to provide tailored solutions for animation studios and become the number one choice for Blender professionals.

The 3D rendering software market is projected to have an annual growth rate of 21.4 percent over the period 2011-2015 and the largest Blender online user community has more than 146,000 members at this moment.


About RenderStreet

-          RenderStreet is a young company founded in 2013 by a group of 3 seasoned professionals whose vision was to offer the next generation solution to the 3D rendering market. After a history of 12 years of working together and having analyzed the on-line rendering market, the founders started their own business of providing such services with top of the line hardware and technology, a friendlier interface, a better customer support and competitive prices.

-          The service, with public launch in February 2013 and 3 months of closed beta, was selected for Startup Spotlight, the biggest competition for startups in South East Europe in 2012.

-          Render Street is part of the Windows Azure 60K program.


Contact info:



Twitter: @RenderStreet

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Bucharest, Romania. April 26 2013. RenderStreet (, a Romanian render farm headquartered in Bucharest, acquires BlenderRenders, one of the first farms on the market exclusively dedicated to Blender users, established in ...  
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