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Packt Publishing is proud to announce Blender 3D Basics. Blender 3D Basics takes the beginning Blender user through the process of doing 3D animation with Blender, keystroke by mouse click as well as providing a background in classic animation principles. Blender 3D Basics teaches in a gentle step by step manner. It ensures a good solid foundation in Blender, allowing you to progress quickly in your mastery of modeling, animation, lighting and camera work.

Among the topics covered are:
Mastering the Blender interface
How to create 3D objects in Blender
How to compose a scene ready for animation
Loading, saving, importing and exporting various file formats
Creating a full animation using key-frames on a timeline
Adding simple materials and lighting your scene
Rendering and compositing the final animation sequence
Stereoscopic 3D basics

It's available as an eBook or in Print. Follow the link for more details.
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