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May 28, 2012 8:00 AM

By Editor in Chief for


In order to meet the growing need for quality information suited to the needs of professionals and studios using Blender, is looking for competent volunteer correspondents or reporters from various parts of the world who can write articles on:

  1.  Local industry news in your area or country that could be of international interests. (For example, an international company situated in your area or country might have become well known for outsourcing all its advertisement needs to an outwardly independent but, in fact, a subsidiary business entity run by a relative of the president of the international company. Such information might have become a public knowledge in your area or country but might not have become known internationally. This can save a lot of time and money that might otherwise have become wasted by other VFX or CGI studios or Advertisement agency that looked to that company as a potential customer.)
  2. Interview with a well-known VFX, CGI, or Game studio using Blender.
  3. Interview with a well-known Blender artist.
  4. Interview with a well-known Blender Tutorial publisher (individual or company).
  5. Success stories of studios and other business entities, using Blender.
  6. Or any other story that could be of interest to professionals and studios using Blender. 

The benefits for becoming a volunteer correspondent / reporter are:

  1. Single Advertisement banner for a business entity for one’s choice given at the article page, while he/she is working for
  2. Priority given when future jobs as employee of become available

 The requirements for the position are:

  1. Ability to write articles in English as a journalist/reporter
  2. Intermediate to advanced understanding of Blender, CGI, VFX
  3. Understanding of CGI, VFX, Gaming Industry
  4. Twice a month, submit an informative article or news for CGI, VFX, gaming industry professionals on Blender, CGI, VFX, gaming industry or market.

Currently, is in need of two writers (working as a team, or alone) per a country or a state. If interested, please email your resume and your first article to, directed to Editor in Chief.